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Environment Responsibility

We are sensitized and fully aware of our obligations towards environmental protection. We also take care that noise pollution is kept under control and decibel of sound remains well below the unsafe levels. We are alive to the perils of global warming. With this in mind, we believe that every small step is of significance. We also ensure that our employees operate in a healthy work environment. Factory's lay out plan is designed in a manner that it offers clean and hygienic working ambience.

Due care has been taken for proper ventilation in the factories; adequate drainage and proper sanitary systems have been put in place. We follow a no smoking policy in public areas of our facilities, and special smoking zones are created for smokers to protect the non-smokers.

Social Responsibility

We believe in protecting children's rights and do not allow child labour in any of our units for any kind of operation. We ensure that women workforce is well protected against any kind of gender related misconduct. We do not practice any kind of social discrimination and every one is given equal opportunities and benefits on the basis of his/her capability.

We ensure that all local government laws (related to wages, factory layout etc.) are followed in true spirit. We also take precautions against emergencies, for example to prevent any mishap due to fire, all preventive facilities exist e.g. water hydrants, fire alarms, fire escapes, fire detectors, fire extinguishers, water and sand buckets and some personnel are trained as fire fighters to take care of any emergencies that may arise.